BMW i4 2022: the next electric car from the Bavarian manufacturer

March 29, 2021 BY Jean-Sbastien Poudrier

Rather than starting with a vehicle in the popular format, BMW began its electrification at both ends of its range with a city micro-car (i3) and a large sports car with exotic looks (i8). However, the message got through all the same and everyone knows what BMW is capable of now and that is why the Bavarian manufacturer has refocused its objectives in terms of electric vehicles.

It is in the form of a Gran Coup that BMW presents its next electric car, which has also been called the i4. Unsurprisingly, the latter is strongly inspired by the BMW 4 Series which is also available in a Gran Coup version, but the first thing that strikes us about the i4 is not its 4 doors or even the fact that it looks Quite a Series 4, but the fact that it offers the same grille controversy that was first presented to us on the BMW M3 and M4. Yep, BMW knows how to get attention and whether you like it or not you are going to see this car everywhere because everyone is going to want to talk about it and give their opinion on it. In fact, it’s not even surprising that BMW picked up on this feature for the introduction of its new electric sedan since it made the M3 and M4, one of the hottest topics in automotive news when they launched. unveiling.

A haven of peace

BMW does a great job when it comes to the interior make-up of its cars and I have to say that the i4 sedan’s one is all the more impressive because it is mostly white. Believe it or not, but it literally feels like sitting in a cloud, which is incomparably psychological comfort. On the other hand, I believe that in the real world and with the weather conditions of Qubec, it is the kind of interior which could deteriorate on sight. Finally, we only hope that the Bavarian manufacturer offers other interior finishes for its 100% electric sedan.

In terms of technologies, we are entitled to the all new iDrive 8.0 system which includes autonomous technologies more advanced than ever. The dashboard displays in a screen portion of 12.3 inches and for the infotainment system, we are entitled to a screen of 14.9 inches.

100% electric

Okay, so we figured out that the 2022 BMW i4 is essentially a revamped and modernized BMW 4 Series Gran Coup, but what makes the Bavarian automaker’s car really different from the 4 Series is what’s under the hood. Indeed, the BMW i4 2022 is a 100% electric car. For the moment, no official data has been presented by the Bavarian manufacturer regarding its new 100% electric mount, but we still know that it benefits from a rear-wheel drive and that it displays a powerful of more than 523 horsepower in its ultimate version. BMW also mentions a 0 100 km / h in less than 4.0 seconds. It’s fast, but we are still far from the 3.0 seconds offered by the Tesla Model 3 in its ultimate version and the latter is the direct rival of the BMW i4 2022. As for autonomy, BMW assures us that the EPA will offer a range of 482 kilometers, which is also in the good average, but again, the last word comes to the Tesla Mode 3 with an average range which is between 423 and 568 kilometers from a single charge.

The BMW i4 and the iX SUV represent the brand’s future in electrification, and it’s a safe bet that more models will be added to BMW’s electric vehicle lineup in the coming years.



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