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The new adventures of the famous Lightning McQueen.

A scene from the movie Cars 3 – Walt Disney Pictures

The animated film featuring the red racing car, Cars 3, is released today in Blu-ray / DVD format. The latter offers two additional hardware discs, which include:

Lou : A short film on lost and found objects.
Miss Fritter’s Racing Skoool : a funny advertisement.
Ready for the Race : William Byron, racing driver, talks about his passion for racing and life as a professional driver.
Cruz Ramirez: The Yellow Car That Could : a look at the conception and expression of the film’s new key character.
– Audio Commentary: Director Brian Fee, Producer Kevin Reher, Co-Producer Andrea Warren and Creative Director Jay Ward discuss their work on the franchise.
Behind the Scenes : behind the scenes of the film in five parts.
Fly Throughs : An overview of some of the film’s main digital environments.
My First Car : the cast and crew discuss their first cars.
– Deleted scenes.

In this third chapter of the franchise, Lightning McQueen is ousted from its sport by the new generation of super-fast cars. The latter refusing to give up so easily allies with a young coach to try to improve and become again the undisputed champion of motor racing that he once was.

Also today, the biographical drama The Glass Castle, starring Brie Larson, Naomi Watts and Woody Harrelson, is released on Blu-ray and DVD. You will find a multitude of supplements such:

The Glass Castle: Memoir to Movie : a look at the adaptation process as well as interviews with the cast and crew of the film.
A Conversation with Jeannette Walls : Covers the same content as the excerpt above, but from the perspective of producer Jeannette Walls.
Making of « Summer Storm » by Joel P. West : a short piece illustrating a song from the film.
Scoring The Glass Castle : A brief look at the development of the soundtrack.
– Deleted scenes.

The feature film released last August depicts the life of Jeannette Walls, a New York journalist who had a difficult childhood and who today leads a peaceful existence. But, the day she receives news from her parents, she faces a heartbreaking choice that will turn her life upside down.

Also available today:

Marjorie Prime de Michael Almereyda.

Patti Cake $ de Geremy Jasper.

Ingrid Goes West by Matt Spicer.

Your Name. De Makoto Shinkai.


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