Beware of scams for your investments, these criteria which largely affect the price of housing ... The eco flash of the day

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The figure of the day: 1 euro. Here is the symbolic sum that happy motorists could have to pay to convert their gasoline car to bioethanol. After a first successful operation in the summer, the Grand Est Region will renew its aid for the purchase of an E85 converter box. Granted without conditions of resources, this aid amounts to 900 euros, ie the price of an E85 kit, installation included. To benefit from it, you must reside in the region and have registered your car there. Remember that the price of E85 bioethanol is currently half the price of a liter of unleaded. Hurry, only the first 1,000 will be served.

The rant of the day concerns investment scams, which are proliferating on the Internet. In yet another warning issued on Tuesday, March 30, the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) alerts the general public to new platforms that offer to invest in various goods (wine, car parks, nursing homes, containers, etc.) without including be authorized by the financial policeman. So many sites that should not attract you despite very tempting performance promises. And totally unrealistic! As for the fake bank books supposed to offer delusional rates (often 4 to 8%). Do not follow up on any solicitations from online actors, whether by e-mail or telephone. And check the AMF and ACPR blacklists. Your savings are at stake. More info on

Capital practical information. Whether you plan to buy or sell a property, know that its price will depend on certain criteria such as the presence of a balcony, a cellar or a parking lot. To assess the extent to which these elements can influence the price, Capital has interviewed specialists and gives you its results. If your accommodation has a balcony or terrace, its price will be on average 10% higher compared to an equivalent property without one. On the contrary, the presence of a cellar will have a negligible influence on the final price. Floor, exhibition, work … Find on our site their impact on the price of accommodation.

And we end with the last braking measures announced Wednesday evening by Emmanuel Macron. Faced with the outbreak of the epidemic, the head of state decided to extend to the entire territory, from Saturday, the restrictions that were already in force in 19 departments. Curfew maintained at 7 p.m., systematic teleworking, non-essential businesses closed and a novelty: the closure of schools. “We are going to close nurseries, schools, colleges and high schools for three weeks,” announced the head of state, specifying that partial unemployment as well as all aid measures were extended. Emmanuel Macron also set the deadline for mid-May for a gradual reopening of certain sectors hit hard by the health crisis.

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