Beautiful month of March for the used car market

According to data provided by AutoScout24, the used vehicle market confirmed its dynamism in March, with an increase of 15.6% compared to 2019, which constitutes a more reliable reference base than in March 2020, marked by the start of the first confinement.

Photo credit: Auto Infos

If the new vehicle market has stalled since the start of the year 2021, it is not the same for the used vehicle. Thus, according to the data provided by AutoScout24, March 2021 ended with an increase of 78 % compared to last year. A strong increase which is not representative, due to the start of the first confinement in March 2020. Based on the month of mars 2019, the rise in the market still reached 15,6 %, a good progression compared to a market which was already doing well at the time. He exchanged 587,414 vehicles in this month of March, against 329 389 in 2020 et 507 982 in 2019. Since the start of the year, the market has therefore increased by 18,2 % compared to the first three months of 2020 and 10,8 % compared to the first quarter of 2019. At the same time, the new vehicle market shows an increase of 21,1 % compared to the first quarter of 2020 but a drop of 20,2 % compared to 2019. The huge gap between the current year and the past year makes direct comparison difficult. However, AutoScout24 focused on recording the evolution of market share for each brand in March.

The French are losing ground

The significant gap between the current year and last year offers good progress to all brands. Increases sometimes in trompe-l’oeil. To take stock of this month, AutoScout24 has therefore only retained the changes in market share. Thus, the French brands are declining, with the exception of DS Automobiles, which saw its market share increase by 13.84%. On the contrary, Renault is down 3.5%, Peugeot is down 2% and Citroën is down 2.86%. Beyond the French manufacturers, the premium brands remain as strong as ever in the used vehicle market. With 25,036 transactions in March, Audi saw its market share increase by 7.43%. Customers also appreciated the BMWs, as 24,851 vehicles of the brand changed hands, representing an increase in market share of 5.35%. Finally, Mercedes recorded an increase in its market share of 8.71%, with 23,399 transactions. For its part, Mini is also progressing, with 8,435 vehicles exchanged, an increase of 10.10%. Volvo is also increasing its transactions, with 3,834 vehicles exchanged and an improved market share of 9.69%. Finally, Porsche had a good month of March in this market, with an increase of 27%, for 3,667 transactions.

Lack of young opportunities

The market by age group is reflected in a decrease of 28,51 % of the market share of used cars less than one year old. The supply is indeed still so small, which explains this significant decline. One-year vehicles held up, with market share increasing by 1,43 %. Two to five year old cars still remain the core of the market, with 158 347 transactions and a growing market share of 11,27 %. On the contrary, the age group from six to ten years 4,51 %, in particular because of the strong representation of diesel in this category, less sought after today by certain customers. Finally, the age groups from eleven to fifteen and sixteen years and over are progressing respectively by 1,55 % and 4,65 %. If diesel is declining globally, with a decrease in 3,8 % in market share, this type of engine still represents 56,4 % global transactions. On the contrary, electrified vehicles are always proving to be more dynamic, with an increase in 84 % for hybrids and 107 % for electrics.


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