Auchan, Ikea and Westfield abandon free top-ups

Free charging of electricity will soon be a thing of the past …

The electric car has for a long time benefited from a strong argument in the face of thermals: being able to refuel for free or at a lower cost. But the segment is changing strongly and the number of electric cars in circulation is increasing considerably. This pushes many operators to review their offers.

After Ionity, which for example forgot its package of € 8 per recharge in favor of prohibitive billing per minute, it is now the turn of the chain of shopping centers Westfield and Nissan (partner of Ikea and Auchan) to stick price lists on the terminals.

This is what reveals our colleagues from Challenges, informed by the spokespersons of the two entities. On the Westfield side, Izivia takes over operations and therefore ceases the free use of terminals capable of delivering 22 kW of power. From now on, the 21 shopping centers in France will offer a charging service billed at € 0.25 / kWh.

Ikea and Auchan about to abandon the charging service?

At Nissan, the strategy is still different: the Japanese manufacturer has chosen to launch the PlugSurfing card as the contract between it and Ikea and Auchan approaches end. The brand is defending itself with a card that opens the doors to a denser network, but Nissan Leaf owners, often attracted by the free CHAdeMO terminals, will no longer be able to take advantage of it.

According to Challenges, the terminals risk being left behind since no plan has been planned among these giants of the trade. Thus, the service is ” temporarily suspended At Ikea while Auchan says that the case is under study, but that there is little appetite on the part of customers to recharge the cars. This is the watermark of the end of a service.


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