Aston Martin figures its deficit compared to 2020

Among the teams that have regressed compared to 2020, there is Aston Martin which officiated under the name Racing Point last season.

In the Bahrain Grand Prix, Lance Stroll could only bring a meager point to the team based at Silverstone while Sebastian Vettel achieved a zero points.

According to Otmar Szafnauer, the main team of the Greens (photo above), the deficit compared to the previous season would amount to around one second per lap!

“We lost a second relative to the others, confirms Otmar. We compared our performance to each of the F1s and compared to Mercedes we gained a tenth. But the others won between 7, 8 tenths and one second per lap. “

“We have things on the computer and in the wind tunnel to bring to the track quickly enough to try to make up for our delay, he adds. But reducing the deficit imposed on us by the FIA ​​because of the changes imposed to the technical regulations will be very difficult. “

“It was pointed out last year that low-trimmed F1 cars would be more impacted than others. And we were right. When the regulations were developed, this was confirmed. But not of this magnitude ”, Szafnauer concludes.

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