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Argus cybersecurity solution suite integrates Microsoft’s AzureIoT platform to provide on-board and remote monitoring, analysis and mitigation of cyberattacks from the cloud

TELAVIV, Israel, March 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – ArgusCyberSecurity, a global leader in automotive cybersecurity, has collaborated with Microsoft AzureIoT and joined the Microsoft partner network to provide automakers with the ability to monitor, detect and mitigate attacks in the cloud.

The Argus cybersecurity suite, integrated with AzureIoT for automotive applications, includes ArgusFleetProtection, an automotive safety management solution (ASOC), vehicle information through ArgusConnectedECUProtection, and update capabilities with ArgusSoftwareUpdatesOver-the-Air. This end-to-end cloud solution is one of the first to offer automakers full visibility into the cyber health of their fleet through on-board and off-board monitoring.

This collaboration in the automotive sector allows manufacturers to access vehicle safety information more easily and to benefit from comprehensive coverage of safety-related events. ArgusConnectedECU protection, deployed on connected ECUs such as telematics, infotainment systems and ADAS units, detects operating system anomalies and suspicious activity in the vehicle based on customer-defined threat models. Threat models can be based on UNECE R155 (WP29), MITER’s attack framework, or any other model chosen. Alerts from the vehicle are sent to ArgusFleetProtection where they are merged with information from other sources in modules dedicated to automotive threat research and investigation. By integrating end-to-end automotive cybersecurity with Microsoft AzureIoT, automakers can leverage data from a wide range of sources to build a more accurate and comprehensive picture of cyber intelligence.

Additionally, using ArgusDelta over-the-air update technologies, automakers can implement OTA security updates to immediately reduce exposure to cyber risks, while reducing downtime. vehicles and deployment costs.

We are very excited to join the world’s leading companies running on MicrosoftAzure. This represents a leap forward standard for automakers seeking to reduce their exposure to cyber risk and comply with existing standards and regulations, such as UNECE R155 (WP29), said MikiHakak, vice president of marketing and business development, ArgusCyberSecurity.By partnering with a global leader like Microsoft, we are making it easier and more cost-effective for automakers to introduce cybersecurity into their vehicles without impacting production cycles or project risks.

Cyber ​​security is an essential ingredient in the move towards connected and autonomous vehicles, said AvijitSinha, managing director of AzureMobility, Microsoft. Argus has complete and modular solutions to ensure the security of a vehicle’s computational capabilities and complex networks, whether it is preventing attacks on security-critical functions or the theft of personal data. Argus’ collaboration with MicrosoftAzureIoT offers a path for automakers seeking to achieve their goal of secure connected and autonomous vehicles.


Argus, a global leader in automotive cybersecurity, provides in-vehicle solutions, professional services and an Automotive Security Operations Center (ASOC) to protect connected cars and commercial vehicles from cyberattacks. The customers are the car manufacturers, their suppliers and the fleet managers.

Currently deployed, Argus’ products and services help prevent, detect and respond to cyber attacks targeting on-board components, networks and post-production fleets. Argus Professional Services help our clients comply with existing guidelines and regulations, such as UNECE R155 (WP. 29) through a suite of tailored advisory services that help integrate cybersecurity practices and processes into the entire product life cycle. Argus’ innovative methods and solutions are based on decades of cybersecurity and automotive research and have resulted in more than 70 granted and pending patents.

Founded in 2013, Argus is headquartered in TelAviv, Israel, and has offices in Michigan, Stuttgart, Tokyo, Shanghai and even. Argus is an independent subsidiary of Elektrobit, a leading provider of software products and services for the automotive industry. Visit ArgusCyberSecurity at




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