April fools or reality?

According to rumors that roam the web, the Volkswagen group could change its name on the other side of the Atlantic to Voltswagen. This would refer to electric mobility and would affirm the intentions of the German group. Joke or reality? Place your bets !

It appears that Volkswagen of America intends to change its name to “Voltswagen” of America. The name change was first reported in an incomplete press release on the company’s website which apparently was released earlier than expected and has since been deleted. CNBC reports that the post was dated April 29. According to the document, the new name is a “public declaration of the company’s future investment in electric mobility”. The new name will appear on all-electric VW models, while the combustion engine models will retain the classic Volkswagen logo and name.

“The new name and brand symbolize the very charged momentum that Voltswagen has set in motion, pursuing a goal of moving all people with electric vehicles.”, the automaker wrote in the statement. It also states that combustion vehicles will retain a dark blue tint in their logo, but blue will be lighter and lighter for EVs to further differentiate models. The name is only for the United States, however. VW will keep the K in Europe and Voltswagen will be a subsidiary of the “Volkswagen Group of America”.

The good joke?

Although the proximity of the 1is April has led some to suggest the announcement could have been a joke, with multiple media citing anonymous sources confirming that it was not a joke and that VW’s name will change in the United States.

Volkswagen has not hesitated to use its brand to promote its electric transition. In September 2019, the brand updated its logo to make it more user-friendly and to affirm its willingness to transition to future technologies.

Our colleagues at Carscoops searched the United States Patent and Trademark Office for any trademark that referred to “Voltswagen”, but could not find any.

The claim that the name will appear on electric vehicles is curious since the ID.4, VW’s first electric platform-based vehicle sold in America, does not appear to sport “Volkswagen” logos whose K’s can be replaced. by T. It remains to presume that the change will mean either the addition of simple “Voltswagen” badges … or a good joke of April 1st.


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