Apple: Tim Cook teases Apple Car and augmented reality in interview

Apple Car and augmented reality are Apple’s next two major goals. And in an interview, Tim Cook indulges in small confidences about these technologies.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been very talkative in recent days. The man notably raised a thorny question: that of his departure from the American company. Because succeeding Steve Jobs and Tim Cook will not be easy and it will be necessary to choose the ideal person, able to lead Apple always higher. In the meantime, the current CEO is continuing his efforts to diversify the firm’s activities and maintain its status as a leader in new technologies. In an interview for journalist Kara Swisher’s podcast, the latter spoke of the rise of augmented reality. Tim Cook touts the benefits this technology brings to “ health, education, video games, sales, I already see augmented reality taking off for these areas “. The man specifies Apple’s intentions: “ I think the promise [de la réalité augmentée] is even bigger for the future. It is an element extremely important for the future of Apple “. But Tim Cook also spoke about the Apple Car.

The Apple Car and augmented reality are two major goals for Tim Cook – Credit (s): Pixabay

Because the Apple Car is the source of all the rumors in recent months. It must be said that imagining the Cupertino company launching into the automotive market is tantalizing! Still in an interview with Kara Swisher, the journalist alluded to the Apple Car. Apple CEO explained that this car can be considered a robot ” in many ways » and may ” offer a lot of things with its autonomy “. But Tim Cook remains discreet about this, explaining that the teams “ work on a lot of internal projects (…) many never see the light of day, but I’m not saying that we won’t see it (the Apple Car) “. If the Apple Car is not likely to arrive now, the man confirms that it will rest on a closed ecosystem, as always with Apple: ” We like to integrate hardware, software and services, and find the intersection points because we believe that’s where the magic happens. “. Tim Cook ends by stating that “ this is what we love to do, and we enjoy owning the backbone technology around it ».

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