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While the speculations are rife As for the eagerly awaited arrival of Apple on the electric car market, the American giant may well reserve a surprise for its fans: a model within everyone’s reach.

The news comes to us from analyst Ming-Cho Kuo, official expert on the leaks concerning the firm at the apple. According to him, Apple would thus work on a small city car, closer to a Bolloré Bluecar than heavy behemoths from Tesla and at a relatively affordable price.

A decision that makes sense

This choice may seem surprising at a time when manufacturers are competing to get out of zero emission vehicles with outrageous power without cutting back on autonomy. But on closer inspection, Apple’s decision is understandable.

Thus, on the one hand, the company has been proud for a few years of its environmental policy (let’s not forget the episode of the missing charger). However, a small and light car only needs a small battery, so its manufacture requires less rare and polluting materials.

But how will Apple do to make its car profitable?

Of course, Apple is not known for its philanthropy. To maximize the revenue from its inexpensive electric car, Ming-Cho Kuo says these vehicles will only be compatible with brand charging stations.

Yes, you got it, Apple is adopting the Nespresso technique: attracting you to a relatively affordable product to tax you on user fees. Of course, you can save money with an Apple One subscription. Soon, reading a book from Apple Books on your iPad while waiting for your Apple Car to charge at your local Apple station will be quite possible (even make love ?). #AppleLife

At the same time, Apple could also launch its own autonomous taxis by using this inexpensive model, ideal in the event of an accident: quickly manufactured, quickly damaged, quickly replaced. Still encumbered with its overly human drivers, Uber had better watch out.

Ming-Cho Kuo also advances the possibility of options. So, basic, the car will be only autonomous. Yes, like Apple, which knows how you must hold your phone so that it works, will also know how to lead you to the right destination (Apple Maps no longer leading to certain death in the middle of the Australian desert…). To be able to drive your own car, you will have to pay more, as you have to pay a little more to be able to move this Mac Pro cheese cutter on its pretty little wheels.

When will this car be released?

Never since you will have understood it, this is our April Fools of this year. In any case, when Elon Musk is the richest man in the world, it will surely be necessary to spend huge sums to enjoy this 100% Apple life.

Feel free to share with us your wackiest theories about the Apple electric car and the #AppleLife.


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