Andretti puts it back on Hamilton

Mario Andretti and political commitments, that’s two. Suffice to say that the 1978 world champion does not appreciate the various political positions taken by Lewis Hamilton.

Last July, the American tackled the seven-time world champion regarding his position considered as “Pretentious” and “Useless” vis-à-vis movement Black Lives Matter.

The position of the F1 veteran has not changed over the months, the one who gave Team Lotus their final crown in the championship calling on the Mercedes driver to focus on his driving.

“I have already expressed my opinion on this and have been criticized for it, but I don’t like to see politics in sport, Andretti told the podcast Starting Grid. Make her enter any discipline, as it was (when Hamilton brought the BLM movement to the paddock), is dividing people. “

“We’ve seen it in the United States. If you say something that is a little questionable, the arguments start right away. I do not like that we mix the two ” adds Mario.

“F1 must remain a pure sport. Yes, we all have our values, but trying to advocate for our own beliefs? I do not know. I think politics has its place elsewhere and I would prefer it to stay outside the championship ” he concludes.

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