and another car on fire, in the rue des Blanches Mailles this time!

During the last three weekends, at least four vehicles have indeed gone up in smoke.

During the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, a new device ignited, accidentally this time, on the territory of Mouscron.

The alert was given shortly before midnight: a car was engulfed in flames in the rue des Blanches Mailles, perpendicular to the avenue de la Bourgogne, in front of the abandoned warehouse of the former Desmet establishments.

The driver experienced an engine problem and had stopped to see what was going on under his hood, but it was too late … The vehicle caught fire before his eyes.

The firefighters sent a pumper to the scene, for an intervention that lasted less than an hour.

This Wednesday morning, the little ones having to go to the nearby Saint-Exupéry school who were passing by were surprised to see a car in such a state. “The explosions that we could hear during the night therefore came from here,” certain residents told us.


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