an entry-level well positioned on luxury electrics

Since mid-March 2021, the Taycan Propulsion is the fourth version to complete Porsche’s range of electric sports sedans, after the Taycan 4S, Taycan Turbo and Taycan Turbo S. An entry-level version that directly competes with Tesla in the luxury electric.

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The German manufacturer is launching an entry-level version of its two-wheel drive Taycan electric model called Propulsion. A model that could ultimately represent 30% of the Taycan mix. To differentiate it from models in the electric Taycan range, Porsche has chosen the name propulsion in reference to thermal. As a reminder, the German brand now markets thermal, PHEV and 100% electric.

Globally, the electrified vehicle represented 17% of the market in 2020, it will be 50% in 2025 and then 80% by 2030. Note that Porsche is currently working on synthetic fuels, e-Fuel, for have a neutral discharge and thus keep atmospheric engines in the long term.

527 Taycan registrations in 2020

In France, the brand sold 60% of electrified vehicles, 12% of which were pure electric. The Taycan launched in March 2020 has been delivered to the tune of 20,015 units worldwide, including 527 registrations in France, making it number one in its segment of electric and luxury sedans. The model has received esteem success with more than 50 international awards.

The Taycan was first sold as a Turbo S (15%), Turbo (25%) and 4S (60%) version, with an average price of 158,000 euros. Note that the average age of the buyer is 50.5 years, which is not a Porsche customer for the most part. A clientele which is divided for half between individuals and professionals.

Two electric batteries possible

The new rear-wheel drive model, which will serve as an entry to the Taycan range, is available with two battery sizes: it develops up to 300 kW (408 hp) with the Performance battery and up to 350 kW (476 ch) with the Performance Plus battery. The rated output is 240 kW (326 hp) and 280 kW (380 hp) respectively.

The Taycan propulsion is, in fact, marketed with two batteries. The manufacturer selling the most efficient battery exclusively in France. In terms of autonomy, the model reaches 484 kms with the Performance Plus battery against 431 kms for the standard version. The design is identical as well as the dimensions. It is the most powerful entry-level Porsche marketed by the brand. It also uses the technologies of the Turbo S. This model benefits from all the 2021 updates.

Un chargement en Plug & Charge

With the change of model year, several novelties have been added to the Porsche Taycan. This includes the new Plug & Charge function which makes it possible to top up and pay easily without a card or an app. As soon as the charging cable is plugged in, the Taycan communicates securely with the Plug & Charge compatible charging station. Then, the recharging and payment processes are carried out automatically. A prerequisite for this is a corresponding charging contract, for example with Porsche Charging Service.

A serious competitor for Tesla

The Propulsion version starts at 86,254 euros, it could quickly reach 30% of the Taycan mix. Exempt from TVS, depreciation is 30,000 euros with an additional amortized battery price. Various charging stations are available, including the Ionity network which takes 400 points in Europe and therefore 74 in France. With this entry-level version, the German brand continues its development in the electric sector with a model that directly competes with Tesla’s Model S.


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