Phoenix Développement is one of those companies that is not experiencing the COVID-19 crisis. In 2020, the fleet management specialist, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, saw its fleet of managed vehicles grow by 30.9% to more than 56,300 units for a turnover that exceeded 1.8 million euros (+ 41%). This growth in its activity has also necessitated the hiring of new resources with a team of collaborators which doubled last year.

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Good results which are not due to chance but to new services to enrich the range of offers proposed by the software publisher between the end of 2019 and the beginning of the year 2021. Still in the goal of staying one step ahead, the Phoenix teams make a point of regularly offering new functionalities through standard and configurable developments made available to all customers who may need them. Thus, the software, which adapts to the demand and the organization of each company, continuously evolves over time thanks to many updates, sometimes invisible to the customer, but also by adding or removing services to adjust contracts as needed.

WLTP goal

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Paul Duchêne, Associate Commercial Director at Phoenix Développement. © Phoenix Development

Among the key novelties to enrich the software in 2020: a feature allowing everyone to know precisely what is the grammage of CO2 of the defined vehicle, options included. « Since its creation, our software has been backed by the Jato Dynamics database, which has enabled us to upgrade the level of service that a vehicle fleet management tool had to provide to its customers., explains Paul Duchêne, Associate Commercial Director at Phoenix Développement. Thanks to this, we are now able to obtain precise information on the grammage of CO2 versions marketed by manufacturers. Managers are faced with populations of employees who are sometimes allowed to add options, which is a game-changer since the switch to the WLTP cycle. In this specific case, when defining the vehicle by the employee, the grammage of CO2 recorded on the basic version is probably no longer good. That is why we have developed an option on our software allowing, once the vehicle is configured, to ask Jato and the manufacturer, to have the actual grammage by return of the vehicle version selected. We therefore provide the most reliable data possible and we can finally add filters: if the CO emissions2 exceed the level authorized by the customer in his Car Policy, the employee will receive an alert indicating that he will not be able to order this car. From there, Phoenix Développement is able to offer its customers catalogs based on criteria (CO2, prices, energies, brands, usage law, etc.) managed from A to Z until ordering and delivery. ” When choosing, for employees, only vehicles that pass through the ‘Caudine Forks’ of the rules defined by the customer will emerge., adds the associate director. Once the vehicle has been selected, it is also possible to have a limit on the cost of the TCO. If the configuration of the vehicle falls within the scope of the customer’s authorizations, it is sent to the lessors who will quote. When the TCO returns, the tool is able to warn the employee if the rent threshold is exceeded, thus warning him that he will not be able to benefit from this vehicle. »

An app for all drivers

With this feature, Phoenix Développement facilitates the work of the buyer. But the editor does not forget the conductors. He worked for them and put on the market a new application mobile. « It complements the fleet management software by deploying the customer’s Car Policy on Smartphone », Explains our interlocutor. The employee assigned to a car will find all the management rules there. set up by his company and benefits from all the information likely to be useful to him: identity card of the vehicle, rental contract, return date, maintenance route, contacts … ” It is a cross-functional and multi-provider application which will bring together all of the client’s suppliers. It is gradually being implemented and we can even consider deploying it to customers who use competing fleet management solutions. », Concludes Paul Duchêne.

Phoenix Développement currently offers three ranges of services : software rental, outsourced fleet management or shared fleet management. With ten years of experience, the company goes international by opening up to the main European countries, its software taking into account each local specificity of automobile taxation. At the beginning of January, it installed its first client in Italy (MSX International).


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