In an interview with “Figaro”, the quadruple French World Champion is enthusiastic about Luca de Meo’s vision of Alpine being the group’s spearhead in Formula 1.

Non-executive director of the Alpine F1 Team, Alain Prost remains at 66 a precious special advisor to the French team.

The arrival of Luca de Meo at the head of the Renault Group has made it possible to perpetuate the manufacturer’s presence in the Grands Prix, but now through the Alpine brand, which has become the standard bearer.

Prost welcomes this ambitious approach and the new boss’s willingness to invest himself “for eternity” at the top of the sport.

« The automotive world is changing and you have to know how to invent new things, says the Professor in an interview with Figaro. Jean Rédélé, the creator of Alpine, was a true enthusiast and a visionary, like de Meo today: me, people with a vision, I want to follow them. “

« The continuity of Formula 1 in the group is established, he assures. For years, there were the pro-F1 and the others within Renault. The big boss’s desire to use motorsport for the first time in a marketing and image strategy around a brand like Alpine is the guarantee of having a real long-term program. “

“It is an ambitious project that must be supported, he concludes. Alpine is the symbol of French know-how: it is very important to preserve this. “

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