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A few months ago, Subaru lifted the veil on the all new generation of its BRZ, which then changed its style and its engine, without creating a real breakthrough, and above all, without giving in to the trend of electrification. . Today, it’s partner Toyota’s turn to do the same, officially unveiling the all-new iteration of its sports coupe. Like its technical cousin, it is not really synonymous with revolution, both stylistic and in terms of engine, but nevertheless operates a change which is not really trivial, now called GR and not GT86. A small evolution which then allows this newcomer to better integrate into the range Gazoo Racing, alongside the Supra and the very efficient GR Yaris. But good news does not come alone, the Japanese brand has also confirmed that this GR86 will indeed make its way to Europe, unlike the BRZ!

At first glance, the recipe seems to have remained unchanged from the previous generation. It does, as this new iteration retains similar style and proportions, with its long hood, slanted roof, and very short overhangs. However, some changes have obviously been made to this Toyota GR86, which then gains two centimeters in length, while the lines seem a little more muscular, in profile as at the rear, with its massive shield incorporating two large exhaust outlets. The front face remains quite sober, almost lacking a little character with very smooth lines, in total opposition to the other two models badged GR. On board, the atmosphere is very sober here, the only touch of sportiness then being provided by the logo on the steering wheel, while the whole is adorned with black upholstery. We will also notice the touch screen, compatible with Apple CarPlay, associated with a digital handset, bringing a little modernity to this rather traditional interior.

Small power boost

But the main developments are under the hood, since Toyota, like Subaru, has not been satisfied with redesigning its coupe. The two coupes, which then share their undersides also use the same engine, namely a four flat cylinder, whose displacement goes from 2.0 to 2.4 liters, which is of course synonymous with an increase in power. Nothing has been said yet on the Toyota side, but at Subaru, we are already announcing 228 horsepower, or 28 more than the previous generation. We should logically find a similar value on the GR86, whose maximum speed as well as the figures from 0 to 100 km / h have not yet been revealed. In fact, the Japanese firm is still not very talkative about its new creation, saying that new information will be revealed a little later. One thing is nevertheless certain, the car remains a real propulsion, while the torsional rigidity has been increased by 50%, considerably improving the efficiency in curves.

It only remains to be patient to hope to soon learn more about this new generation of the Japanese coupe …

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