ALD Automotive exports its ALD ProFleet solution to Spain

The lessor is launching ALD ProFleet in Spain. A connected vehicle solution allowing managers and drivers to access their vehicle data in real time.

ALD Automotive connects the Spanish fleets. The lessor, a subsidiary of the Société Générale group, the lessor has just rolled out new services in Spain, including the new version ofALD ProFleet. The company also intends to deploy this fleet monitoring solution. “Across Europe and Latin America, starting with more than a dozen markets in 2021” and develop and deploy in parallel “Additional services that will complement the capabilities of connected cars”.

For memory, ALD ProFleet makes it possible to connect any vehicle and to bring up, thanks to on-board data devices, a great deal of information in real time. « Data transmitted in real time is encrypted and stored on a cloud platform secure. They are then processed, enriched and used to provide a wide range of connected fleet services via a customizable web portal for fleet managers and a dedicated mobile application for drivers ”, recalls the lessor in a press release. In this way, fleet managers can have a global view of their fleet in real time and better apply their own policies. “Geofencing, monitoring of CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, etc …”.


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