A young French start-up still unknown to the general public is about to take its first steps on the stock market. This young growth specialized in the development of sports car. Hopium’s goal is to become the French Tesla by 2026. For this, the growing company has set out to develop a sports sedan that runs on hydrogen.

A sporty and clean 120,000 sedan

The ambitions of Hopium and its creator, Olivier Lombard, are great. The young start-up aims to position itself as Tesla’s main competitor over the next five years. Its first model, a sports sedan with a 500 hp hydrogen engine is scheduled for the year 2026. Called Hopium Machina, it should be worth around 120,000. It will not be accessible to everyone, but it will be a serious competitor for Tesla’s Model S.

A serious competitor also for its ecological promises. Hydrogen could be the future of the automobile because it would pollute less than the increasingly popular battery-powered electric motor. For individuals, it is when it comes time to take the gray card process that we will undoubtedly see the difference. In 2021, the ecological penalty was changed and is becoming stricter. If the hydrogen engine becomes generalized, it will undoubtedly become very interesting at this level.

A start-up that goes public to finance itself

Hopium has been working on its first sport sedan model in recent years. However, she has been talking about her recently because she organized her IPO. The objective: to finance the five additional years of development of the Hopium Machina.

At the end of February, the company was already worth more than 200 million euros. It should also benefit from the investment plan of 7 billion euros from the French government. It has also obtained financial support from large groups such as Total and Michelin.

A great success for the boss and owner of the start-up Hopium who needed to invest his own funds at the start of the adventure. A few hundreds of thousands of euros largely profitable since. However, Olivier Lombard was not his first crazy project, he who is still today the youngest winner of the 24 hours of Le Mans.

Will the Hydrogne car be the future of the automobile?

The debate continues to rage in the automotive industry. The market is split in two: on the one hand, those who believe in hydrogen and compare this technology to what the electric car was 15 years ago. On the other hand, those who think that the development of the hydrogen engine is a scientific and economically impossible fad.

Indeed, the problems related to this technology are still numerous today. The hydrogen fueling the engine can be produced in two different ways. Either by extracting natural gas, but it is a very polluting technique. Or, by electrolysis of water.

The second technique is the most ecological, but it still poses two problems. First, the production of hydrogen from water requires very large amounts of electricity. However, electricity can also be polluting. Secondly, because water is on the way to becoming a precious resource …

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