La coopérative prévoit des modes de livraison doux comme le vélo

New bicycle delivery men will soon make their appearance in the city center of Niort. A local cooperative is being set up, initiated by a collective of ten restaurants in Niort *. “Our collective is on an ethical, environmental, social line and it was incoherent after using platforms which are in an ultra-liberalism and the exploitation of delivery people”, explains Hermann Cadiou, co-manager of the restaurant Le Bocal gourmand.

Offer decent working conditions

The cooperative aims to be socially responsible. “Offer decent working conditions to the people who work with us. We will probably start working with self-employed people to compensate for the fluctuation in demand. But the objective is to succeed in creating a time slot. of work which makes it possible to create full-time or part-time contracts “, details Jérémie Boyer, one of the three partners of the future Scop.

Responsible also ecologically. This means mechanical or electric bikes but no diesel scooters for example.

Start expected before the end of April

For Hermann Cadiou from Bocal Gourmand, there is room for this new service. “We are pretty sure that today this new mode of consumption will be lasting. Even when we are going to deconfin, which I hope quite quickly now, there will have been habits of taking, have good meals delivered “.

To be viable, the cooperative is already working to diversify. “We are working on partnerships with different structures that would eventually allow us to ensure delivery either to different businesses in the city center and probably to start with everything that is delicatessen, wine merchant. And why not the halles de Niort”, specifies Jérémie Boyer.

These bicycle delivery men aim to start before the end of April, first in a limited area in downtown Niort but with the aim of expanding afterwards.

* Le Bocal Gourmand, So Jules, Le Plaisir des sens, La Dolce Vita, Les Planches, L’Eau Vive, La Belle Etoile, Auberge de la Roussille, Douc’heure du Maroc and the Bombino pizzeria


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