Des motos illégales qui vont être détruites

And five more motorcycles last weekend in the northern districts

This Tuesday morning in the 14th arrondissement, 33 motorcycles, Quads and scooters were hammered in a Marseille car junkyard, words that were seized by the police during the some 1,100 checks carried out since the Law of August 3, 2018 which establishes tougher rules against the users of these devices, which are prohibited in the streets as well as on the trails

The idea is to continue to strike hard, 5 motorcycles were still recovered last weekend – Frédérique Camilléri police prefect of the mouths of the rhône

Frédérique Camilleri prefect of police of the mouths of the rhone © Radio France
Laurent Grolee

And if the repression is stronger on these motorcycles it is because they are driven in spite of any highway code, they are even prohibited on the public highway since they are not approved.

These motorcycles which can terrorize an entire neighborhood because of the noise they generate, but also which are used to ferry drugs from one deal point to another

The traffickers would like to play cat and mouse with us, but the goal is not to take risks, we do not chase motorcycles, we seize them – Commissioner Patrick Longuet, head of the northern division

Motorcycles promised to be destroyed arrive on trucks
Motorcycles promised to be destroyed arrive on trucks © Radio France
Laurent Grolee

The Marseille police, who encourage residents to communicate to the authorities (17) the infringements found by these motorcycles, “they will be found, promises Commissioner Longuet, head of the northern division


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