Premier essai de la Genesis G80 2021 : résilience et persévérance

Auto123 and va d’un 2021 Genesis G80 first test.

In an automotive field largely dominated by German technology, it takes a serious dose of courage to embark on the adventure. We must salute Genesis, which persists in its quest to gain recognition for its products in the same way as the legendary models in the segment.

For 2021, the Korean luxury firm is bringing back an upgraded version of its luxury midsize sedan, the G80. Putting the prejudices aside, you will realize that this car has a lot to offer. But walking in the right direction is only the first step; Genesis will have to demonstrate that it can do this with each model generation to be able to carve out a place among the greats.

Athletic elegance
It is under this name that Genesis places its most recent models G80 and GV80. The style remains conservative with a slightly sportier note which has the merit of not being too inspired by the competition. The uniquely styled grille and quadruple headlamps are inspired by the brand’s winged logo. The four headlights offer a new visual signature that will be recognizable throughout the entire Genesis family. The roof line borrows from a trendy faux 4-door coupe concept that offers a sleek overall styling. Genesis takes the trouble to point out that the seat has been adjusted lower so as not to affect the headroom of the rear passengers.

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In addition to the 10 standard airbags (including a central cushion located between the front occupants to reduce the shock in the event of a side impact), a world first, there is also a very long list of standard equipment such as the intelligent cruise control with automatic learning. It is an intelligent navigation technology based on artificial intelligence and all the driving aids that are found in the luxury sedans which are here offered as standard; no endless list of options.

The new G80 offers more head and leg room than the previous model. While the product in its price bracket competes against mid-size luxury sedans like Mercedes’ E-Class or Audi’s A6, the gap is closer to larger models like BMW’s Class 7 and Audi’s A6. Audi A8. There is ample space for the legs, head and shoulders. Living in the front is almost as good as it is in the back and although the trunk loses a bit of bulk due to the design of the car, you still have 370 liters left.

There are some anachronisms such as the steering wheel which offers a somewhat strange shape and the rotary gear lever knob which is not as intuitive as the manufacturer suggests, especially since it is placed near other circular-shaped controls. , which is confusing.

Genesis G80 2021, interior

Genesis G80 2021, interior

Advanced technology
This is where Genesis scores a lot of points. Even though the base price of the 4-cylinder version is $ 66,000 ($ 10,000 more for the 3.5T variant), Genesis has gone for it. You are entitled to a complete list of equipment which does not include any options; everything comes standard.

In our $ 76,000 Prestige model, we delighted our ears with a Lexicon 1050-watt, 14-channel, 21-speaker audio system, with a five-speaker front “sound bar” and speakers. subwoofers under the front seats. You will also find perforated Nappa leather seats offering 16 adjustments with intelligent posture and Ergo Motio, as well as progressive closing doors with acoustic glass all around the car, as well as privacy louvers in the rear.

In addition to the driver assistance systems that everyone offers, Genesis provides an intelligent remote parking assistance system that allows you to park parallel or perpendicular while being outside the car, as well as Collision avoidance and braking warnings that cover blind spots, crossings, pedestrians and cyclists. The front and rear seats are more spacious than those of the competition.

3.5T models also come with 14-inch front-driver and 12.3-inch digital screens in the center console with customizable menu, driver-massage seats, open-pore natural wood trim, suspension electronically controlled with road preview, and 20-inch alloy wheels. And that’s without forgetting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and the panoramic roof for everyone.

All the brand’s models come with the following Genesis home services as standard for 5 years or 100,000 km: free regular maintenance, home valet parking for service pickup and return, courtesy vehicle free of charge , free navigation map updates (unlimited km), 24/7 roadside assistance (unlimited km) and subscription to Genesis Connected Services telematics (unlimited km).

Genesis G80 2021, second row seats

Genesis G80 2021, second row seats

On the road
Like many other players in the industry, Genesis is reducing its displacement by offering turbo 4 and 6 cylinders instead of a V6 / V8 combination. The 4-cylinder is 2.5 liters and offers 300 horsepower and 311 pound-feet of torque. The V6 version is 3.5 liters and offers 375 horsepower and 390 pound-feet of torque. It will be possible to reach 100 km / h in just over 6 seconds with the 4 cylinders and half a second less with the V6. All models come standard with all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission.

After testing both versions, we consider the 4-cylinder model to be more dynamic. It offers better balanced masses, a lighter muzzle and increased driving pleasure. This is the model you are going to love to throw in a curve at higher revs. We have done it a few times. The 3.5 T variant is more statutory and will prefer long, quiet, linear roads to small winding paths. The 2.5 T version is easier to handle and more responsive. The 4-cylinder engine is quicker to react to requests from the right foot on the accelerator. In short, the entry-level model, without being really sporty, is more nervous and dynamic.

Genesis continued as with the previous edition to build on a smooth ride. We feel the 4 cylinder lighter on its feet than the V6 model which adds weight to the front of the car. That said, if the road blemishes are well absorbed, it’s hard to compare the rest of the G80’s personality with its German rivals. The suspension is calibrated to put comfort forward, we must forget the sporty performance on the road, even the 2.5 T version did better in this regard. It is preferable to keep driving in sport mode to benefit from the best calibration and take advantage of the beautiful solidity of the chassis.

Genesis G80 2021, front

Better consumption
You will understand that with mechanics more modest in their format, consumption has improved against the older generation. Genesis announces an average rating of 10.8 liters per 100 km in the city and 7.9 on the highway for an average of 9.5 liters with the 4-cylinder model. Those numbers drop to 12.9, and 9 liters on the highway for an average of 11.2 liters with the V6 engine version.

According to Natural Resources Canada, it will cost you an average of $ 2,660 per year to refuel with a 4-cylinder model and $ 3,136 with a V6-powered version. We succeeded during our test day in the fall to reach these figures which are very good considering the size of the car.

Genesis G80 2021, three-quarter rear

Genesis G80 2021, three-quarter rear

If you take a closer look at the G80, you’ll realize that it’s possible to get a German or Asian competitor at a fairly similar starting price. However, with the Genesis, you get everything right from the start when it’s very easy to put $ 15,000 or $ 20,000 more as an option in a comparable German sedan. Genesis is therefore a very high level of value for the price. It is also necessary to mention the excellent reliability of the mark which leaves far behind the competitors from across the Rhine.

It is clear that many prestigious car enthusiasts are on the hunt for the logo and like to flaunt the four rings and the Stuttgart star in their driveway. But if you’re reasonable and aren’t looking for performance at all costs, Genesis offers a really interesting solution.

WE love

Very complete equipment
Quiet interior
Quality finish
Excellent overall comfort

We like less

Car a little heavy
Performances lacking in zest
Less variety than the competition

Genesis G80 2021, rear

Genesis G80 2021, rear



We drive the 2021 Genesis G80


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