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Having a beautiful, brand new motorhome, packed with technology, attractive and modern is good. But going on an adventure aboard a small motorhome with all-terrain roots is quite another thing. And this is precisely what this Land Rover Defender from 1990, currently on sale in the bay, offers us …

Backpacker camper

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Land Rover Defender x Osprey: the photos of the 1990 camper van

Credit Photo – eBay

The Land Rover Defender transformed by Osprey, it is this kind of curiosity that does not leave us indifferent. A purely all-terrain DNA, surrounded by living space? Is he weird? Perhaps. Does he throw any? Certainly ! A true compact motorhome with character, this Defender, which was originally converted into a motorhome, has been revisited by Osprey who has taken on the task of giving it a new lease of life. Starting with a conversion from RHD (steering wheel on the right) to LHD (steering wheel on the left), followed by a new change of many mechanical elements such as the transfer case or the transmission shaft.

Interior and fittings: complete modernization

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Land Rover Defender x Osprey: the photos of the 1990 camper van

Credit Photo – eBay

The interior got new seats, as well as a new floor and a small fitted kitchen. Here is all the equipment and mechanical elements perfectly reconditioned and / or replaced under the hood of this Defender and its indestructible 300 Tdi diesel engine of 111 horsepower:

  • New transfer case
  • New drive shaft
  • Land Rover 300 Tdi engine
  • R380 5-speed manual transmission
  • New springs and shock absorbers
  • New seats
  • New floors
  • Winch support at the front
  • Winch with synthetic rope
  • Addition of air conditioning
  • Adding stereo
  • Conversion RHD vers LHD
  • Refrigerator / stove / heating
  • Addition of a second diesel tank
  • … And many other things!

The Osprey-modified Land Rover Defender is currently sold on eBay for $ 99,950 (roughly $ 85,000). So, you like it ?


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